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15 years

Strowd Roses, Inc. is a private charitable foundation established in 2001 under the will of Mrs. Irene Harrison Strowd of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. We fund local nonprofits and projects that improve the quality of life for residents of Chapel Hill and Carrboro. We also provide for the on-going maintenance and care of the Gene Strowd Community Rose Garden, a free and public space in Chapel Hill. Learn more about us here.

286 organizations

have received a Strowd Roses grant. They serve a broad spectrum of issues and populations such as animals, arts and culture, education and literacy, the environment, health, seniors, immigrants, youth and general welfare.

795 grants

have been awarded by Strowd Roses. 58% of these grants have gone to support education or youth-serving projects.


is Strowd Roses Inc.’s grantmaking investment to date in the local community. More than 8% of these funds supported Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools through an annual block grant to the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Public School Foundation.

Marian Cheek Jackson Center for Saving and Making History's staff with Fusion Youth Radio and Beat Making Lab youth at the Allied Media Conference.

Grant Guidelines and Procedures

Strowd Roses awards grants to qualified tax-exempt organizations base...

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Rose Garden

The Gene Strowd Community Rose Garden is located in the Town of Chapel...

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Strowd Roses, Inc. funding was critical to the creation & implementation of the Carolina Campus Community Garden which provides free fresh produce to UNC Chapel Hill's housekeepers & volunteer & educational opportunities for the community.

Grantmaking History

Whether sustaining beloved community institutions or responding to eme...

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